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Technology Information
For the last 15 years, applications of GaAs transformed from Defense Industry to
commercials such as Smart Phone, Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Vehicles (IoV).
The required technologies become more and more challenging.
AWSC provides multiple technologies and professional services to satisfy all customer requirements.
Up to now, AWSC offers various GaAs technologies and process such as HBT, ED pHEMT, ED BiHEMT, IPD, Bump for RF/wireless and VCSEL/optical.
To provide a competitive service, we keep working on cost reduction process such as Backside Cu metal, Cu Pillar Bump and Die Shrinking.
We work together with customers to develop more efficiency and low cost III-V compound semiconductor technologies

1.HBT: AWSC has 3 HBT Epi technologies. Applications include 2G/3G/4G/Sub-6GHz for phone and 11ac/ax for WiFi
2.ED pHEMT: Through long-term partnership with Japan customer, AWSC based on 0.5um ED pHEMT to develop 0.25um and 0.15um E-pHEMT technology. We released 0.25um ED pHEMT by Oct of 2017 and plan to release 0.15um E-pHEMT by early of 2019 for LNA application.
3.ED BiHEMT: Combine with HBT and 0.25um ED pHEMT technology, AWSC developed 0.25um ED BiHEMT process for high quality and highly integration technology. The 0.25um ED BiHEMT PDK released by Feb-2018.
4.Cu Pillar Bump: Cooperate with US customer and been qualified by end of 2016. Release to all customer starting from 2017 for another option for backside process
5.VCSEL: Up to date, AWSC has more than 10 products been qualified by customers that include ToF, 3D sensing, LiDAR etc.. Quality and yield are both meet customer requirements.

Key Technologies
- InGaP / GaAs HBT
- 0.25um ED BiHEMT
- 0.5um Switch pHEMT
- 0.5um ED pHEMT
- 0.25um ED pHEMT
- 0.15um E pHEMT
- Integrated Passive Device / IPD
- Highly Intergration 0.25um ED BiHEMT
- Backside Via / Backside Cu Metal Process
- Cu Pillar Bump
- Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser / VCSEL

Technology Roadmap
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