AWSC 宏捷科技



- Wafer Stepper For Precise CD and Alignment Control
- Wafer Backside Nitride To Compensate Wafer Bending
- N+ Metal On Frontside
- Mesa Head Vertical ICP Etch
- Uniform Oxidation Process With Aperture to 5um In Diameter
- Low Temperature, Low Thermal and Mechanical Shock Process
- Planarization Process for More Integration and Reduced Pitch to Less Than 20um
- Wafer Level MicroLens Process
- >14um Deep Vertical Trench Etch For Segmented Chip Configuration
- Low Temperature Compressive Nitride To Enhance Moisture Resistance
- Batch Evaporated Au Metal For Excellent Thickness and CD Control
- Low Contact Resistance and Good Adhesion Backside Metal Process
- Controlled Backside Process To Minimize Thin Wafer Breakage


- Support Max. 4-Site Probing for Small Arrays
- Quasi-Continuous-Wave(QCW) Bias (100us, 1%)
- Can Support Max. 20A (QCW), 27V Output Forcing
- Measure Voltage and Power at Forcing Current Steps (QCW)
- Measure Wavelength at Assigned Current Bias
- Report V, Ith, Slope, Wavelength, Optical Power and PCE
- Support Near Field Test (NFT) and Far Field Test (FFT)


- 3D Sensing
- AutoDrive

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