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RBA Commitment

A. Labor

Based on the accepted norms in the international community, AWSC commit to uphold human rights of our employees and to respect their fundamental rights. The accepted standards include < United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights > and < United Nations Global Covenant > are used for reference when drafting this guideline (in accordance with the RBA) which includes:
◆The freedom to choose occupations。
◆Fight against discrimination: AWSC commit to our employees they are free from harassment and discrimination; they are employed based on their capacity and stay freely without fear of reprisal or unpleasant result from the reported acts.
◆Freedom of employment: All jobs are taken voluntarily and it's forbidden from forcing employees to work; employees can resign on their own will.
◆Humanitarian treatment: Any harassment or inhumane treatment, such as slavery, corporal punishment, threats, physical or verbal abuse, sexual harassment and so on, is prohibited.
◆Forbid Child Labor: Child Labor is prohibited and underage workers need to stay away from dangerous working environment.
◆Reasonable working hours: Unless otherwise specified for special operating conditions, all labors must take one day off after seven working days in a row.
◆Salary and welfare: We build a reasonable salary structure and we pay attention to employee's welfare including minimum wages and vacation¡Ketc. to meet all legal requirement.
◆Freedom of association: We respect the right of our employees to participate in or join any community and association.
◆Human resources: we carry out a specific recruit program according to company's vision, for how to keep and train our employee and maximize company benefit.

B. Health and Safety

AWSC make effort to provide a safe and healthy working environment by minimizing work-related accidents and diseases. By doing this, we hope to improve our services quality, the consistency of production and employee morale. Other than that, AWSC also believes that to invest and set up a continuously safety training system is the key point to resolve all kind of health and safety problem at work. The accepted management systems (such as ISO-45001, TOSHMS and ILO occupational safety and health guidelines) are used for reference when drafting the guidelines (in accordance with the RBA).

Our health and safety standards are:
◆to abide by the relevant laws and regulations related to worker safety and health, to ensure that legitimate operation
◆to identify all potential risks in various operation and promote continuous improvement to ensure employees' safety at work
◆to set up the safety and health standard to ensure the safety of operations while using all equipment, also to implement the education and training system for all exercises, to prevent from all occupational injury or illness.
◆Periodically audit the working environment and do physical examination for all employees. Also to arrange doctor visit at workplace to promote health-related activities
◆To Implement a healthcare program and re-arrange work allocation according to the results of physical examination and employees' health condition.
◆To conduct accident investigation for the related cases in the factory and take improvement action and case propaganda.
◆Health and Safety: to provide all employees a healthy and safe working environment which is free from harmful toxic substances and with appropriate safety protection equipment and a safety training.

C. Environment

AWSC take the responsibilities of environmental protection as the indispensable part of producing world-class products. In the process of manufacturing operations, we should minimize the adverse impacts to the community, environment and natural resources; also to safeguard the public health in the same time. The accepted management systems (such as ISO 14001 and production management and Audit System (EMAS)) are used for reference when drafting the guidelines (in accordance with the RBA). The environmental standards are:
◆To Legally obtain the relevant license of environmental protection and to report periodically.
◆Do our best to prevent pollution and conserve resources
◆Follow the international rules to avoid using banned hazardous substances
◆To process wastewater and solid waste legally
◆The emission of air pollutants will comply with the standard
◆The content of harmful substances in the products all comply with regulations and customer requirements

D. Ethics and Morality

AWSC follow the highest standards of ethical requirements to fulfill our social responsibilities and to achieve successfully in the market:
◆Anti-corruption: Compliance with laws and have good faith and be honest.
◆No improper earnings profit
◆Information Transparency
◆Fair Trading, Advertising and Competition
◆Confidential Identity
◆Anti-Retaliation: to disgruntle in retaliation at the employees who seek for advice, raise a concern or report misbehavior.
◆Intellectual Property: AWSC respect intellectual property rights and protect the intellectual property and customers identify in a proper way when transferring knowledge of production technology.
◆The use of non-conflicting material:
1. We don't buy the conflicting minerals from the conflict zones.
2. We will request our suppliers to refuse using the conflicting minerals from the conflict zones; also to sign a letter of commitment of using non-conflicting minerals, and send a copy to Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company Co., Ltd. for record.
3. To demand our suppliers to manage its upstream and downstream suppliers to follow the requirements of conflict-free minerals.
4. To make our best efforts to outsource the materials from non-conflicting minerals zones.

E. Management System

AWSC adopt or establish the management system and content in accordance to this guideline. When we set up the management system, we shall ensure to:
(A) Comply with relevant laws, regulations and requirements of the suppliers / outsourcer and products;
(B) Comply with this guideline;
(C) Identify and mitigate all relevant risk in operational

In addition, the management system should include following rules to keep continuous improvement:

◆The commitment from top management to implement the rules
◆To take management duties and responsibilities
◆The compliance with laws and customer requirements
◆The implementation of risk assessment and risk management
◆A performance targets with plans and measures
◆Provide a variety of training programs
◆An open communication platform
◆Mutual communication: We take employees' response seriously; employees are free to express out their personal ideas and point of view to management and their work etc., the voices from employees' will be accepted as reference for the company to do continuous improvement. The employee's identify won't be disclosed to ensure there will be no fear of threat or revenge.
◆Periodic review and assessment on the improvement plan
◆Build a platform for tracing corrective actions
◆Documentation filing and recording

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