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AWSC Company Milestones

2022/10Completed Filter Process Development
2022/08Officially A Subsidiary Company of SAS (5483TT)
2022/03Qualified by LEO Customer, 0.15um pHEMT for LNA
2022/03Reliability Test bHAST Been Approved Passed 192 Hour
2022/02VCSEL AR/VR Process Qualified and Start Production
2021/120.25um ED pHEMT Qualified by Multiple Customers and Start Production
2021/125G N77/N79 HBT + Bump Process Qualified by US Fabless Customer and Start Production
2021/09Expand Capacity Up To 15,000 Wafers Per Month
2021/065G N41 HBT Process Qualified by China Customers and Start Production
2020/08Completed Private Placement of 45 Million shares, with a total of 199.7 Million Common Stock Shares
2020/03Completed Re-Cap of 10 Million shares, with a total of 154.7 Million Common Stock Shares
2019/06Completed VCSEL bottom emitting process development and certified by automobile application
2019/02Completed 5G (Sub-6GHz) PDK
2018/10Completed RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) Validated Assessment Program (VAP)
2018/09Completed 0.15um E pHEMT PDK
2018/08Got the Reward of Excellent Company from Ministry of Finance
2018/02Completed 0.25um ED BiHEMT PDK
2017/12IATF 16949 Certified
2017/12ISO With Year 2015 Certified
2017/10Completed 0.25um ED pHEMT PDK
2017/06Completed 0.25um ED pHEMT Process Development
2017/03LD VCSEL Technology Been Qualified By Customers
2016/11Bump Process Been Qualified By US Customer
2016/09Became EICC Membership
2016/09Completed LD VCSEL Process Development
2016/06Completed HBT226/228/229 PDK
2016/02Completed Bump Process Development
2015/12Start Mass Production E/D pHEMT wafers
2014/12Capacity Up To 3,000 Wafers Out Per Week
2013/12Completed BiHEMT, E/D pHEMT Process Development
2012/03Fully Converted to 6-inch Wafer Production
2012/02Got The Best Supplier Award for External Foundry from Skyworks Solution
2011/12Passed CG6006 General Assessment Criteria by TAIWAN CORPORATE GOVERNANCE ASSOCIATION
2011/10Passed AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Certification
2011/09Shipped More Than 2,000 6-inch CPV Wafers
2011/07Qualified BiFET Process
2011/04Shipped More Than 2000 6-inch Wafers in April, 2011
2011/01Completed 6-inch GaAs CPV Solar Cell FAB
2010/09Completed 3rd Floor Construction
2010/06More than 1300 pHEMT Wafers Shipped in One Month
2010/05More than 7000 Wafers Shipped in One Month
2010/04Complete 6" FAB Expansion; Total Capacity of 1600 Wafers in One Month
2010/01Complete Solar Cell Process Qualification
2009/12Completed Re-Cap of 10Million Shares, with a total of 123.9 Million Common Stock Shares.
2009/09Passed first tier customer's 6 inch product qualification
2009/05Completed Re-Cap of 13.4 Million Shares; with a total of 113.9 Million Common Stock Shares
2008/12Achieved NTD $1.09 EPS for 2008
2008/09Completed 6" Pilot Line
2007/02Completed FAB Expansion; Total Capacity of 1600 4" HBT Wafers
2006/07Completed Re-Cap of 20 Million Shares; with Total of 100 Million Common Stock Shares
2006/03More than 4200 Wafers Shipped in One Month
2005/12Profitable for 2005
2005/09More than 2700 Wafers Shipped in One Month
2005/06Achieve BEP in Month of June
2005/01Offer GaAs PIN Diode Process
2005/01Offer InP Power Process
2004/12Over 37 Million Power Amplifier Chips Delivered
2004/09Offer pHEMT Switch Process
2004/08Offer Monthly Low NRE Shuttle Mask Services
2004/07Over 10 Million Cellular Power Amplifier Chips Delivered
2004/07Over 15 Million WLAN Power Amplifier Chips Delivered
2004/05Completed the First Phase of InP Government Project
2003/12ISO 9001 Re-Certified With Year 2000 Version
2003/05Over 2 Million WLAN Power Amplifier Chips Delivered
2003/02Production Ramp Up for WLAN Products
2003/01Over 1 Million Cellular Power Amplifier Chips Delivered
2002/11InP Government Project Granted
2002/10Achieved Production Yield and Cycle Time Targets
2002/07Started Production Ramp for Skyworks
2002/05Passed Quality Audit by Skyworks
2002/03Passed Skyworks Process Qualification
2001/12New Technology Released to Public
2001/11ISO14001 Certified
2001/10Awarded by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, as Superior Demonstration Team of Environment Management System
2001/07Passed Customer Audit
2001/05InGaP OEIC Foundry Process Qualified
2001/04Started IPO Process
2001/03HBT Octagonal Layout Patent Granted by Taiwan
2001/01Delivered InGaP OEIC Wafers to Customer
2000/12ISO9002 Certified
2000/11Qualified InGaP HBT Foundry Process
2000/09Developed TWV Foundry Process
2000/07InGaP Government Project Granted by Government
2000/06Production PROMIS System Implemented
2000/05TWV Innovation Government Project Granted
2000/04Qualified AlGaAs HBT Process
2000/02AlGaAs Innovation Government Project Granted
1999/12Delivered First Customer Lot
1999/07Fab Opening Ceremony
1999/06First Yielded HBT Wafer Out
1999/04CleanRoom Completed and Certified
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