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Company Profile

Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company [AWSC] was founded in April, 1998, and locate in Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park, Taiwan. AWSC is a pure 6-inch GaAs foundry company for HBT (Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor), ED pHEMT (Enhancement / Depletion-Mode Pseudomorphic High Electron-Mobility Transistor), and ED BiHEMT (Enhancement / Depletion-Mode Integration of Heterojunction Bipolar and High Electron-Mobility Transistors) process fabrication. Current capacity is 13,000 wafer out per month. Meanwhile, with the new expansion FAB which was completed in July, 2020, we expect the maximal capacity up to 35,000 wafer out per month in near future. Currently, AWSC has customers all around the world including RFIC Design Houses and IDMs.

AWSC offers the high reliable InGaP/GaAs HBT process for power amplifier (PA) circuit designs which can be used for 4G LTE / 5G Sub-6GHz PA on multiple Mode and multiple Band designs and WiFi5 (, WiFi6 / WiFi6E ( We also offer the high performance GaAs E/D pHEMT process for both switch (SW) and low noise amplifier (LNA) designs with T-Gate configuration for satellite, GPS and applications. Most advanced ED BiHEMT Technology for a high level integration single-chip design for both smart phone and WiFi applications. For optical data-communication and 3D sensing, AWSC also provide high quality and high yield VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) process for both Top Emitting and Bottom Emitting that can integrate Mircolens and Grating technologies. As for the high power, high frequency 6-inch GaN (Gallium nitride) technology that is also in AWSC technology roadmap. The process development has been done and we are working with various customers for engineering samples. Expect to start mass production from first half of 2022.

AWSC Foundry Service Group provides PDK Design Kits with both device layout rules and ADS design models. We work with Keysight since 2018 to provide a better PDK environment and user interface. Our transistors have been proven with a MTTF of more than one million hours. We ensure the good process control monitor (PCM) and high wafer probe yield to satisfy customer's performance and yield requirements. AWSC is an ISO-9001, ISO-14001, IATF16949 certified Semiconductor Manufacture Company. The quality and safety are our top management philosophy. We continuously work on the process improvement and new technology development to meet the customer requirements. Our goal is to become a world first class GaAs Foundry Company.
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