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Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company

Human rights and anti-discrimination policies

AWSC is committed to develop, maintain and improve the systems employee' rights, including employee health, occupational safety, and any other all occupational related rights. And efforts to prevent any violation of human rights,No matter direct, intrest related or acquiescence, etc.,To avoid any kind of case of discrimination happen in the employment relationship. Won't make any distinction or preference no matter in hiring, salary, training, promotion, dismissal and the allocation of resources, not because of their race, ethnic or social origin, social class, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, union members, political opinion, age or union relations, but by their ability and contribution, in order to bring equal opportunities to all colleagues. AWSC also commited ourselves to avoid and exclude ourselves and the partners of hiring process (Ex: Human resource broker) have any kind of discrimination. At the possible situation, AWSC will promote our anti-discrimination policy to external parties, including customers, suppliers and the general public.
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